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Indonesian Ulema Council MUI Declares Nabidz Wine Forbidden for Muslims

The Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has emphasized that Nabidz wine is haram (forbidden) for Muslims because laboratory tests have found a high alcohol content in the product.

Published 23 Aug 2023


Indonesia, Canada pursue halal product assurance cooperation

Indonesian Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas met with Canadian Minister of Trade, Small Business, Export Promotion, and International Trade Mary Ng to discuss opportunities for cooperation in halal product assurance.

Published 21 Aug 2023

Green Queen

Unlocking Halal Cultivated Meat’s Potential: Exploring an Untapped Opportunity

The global Halal food market is estimated to reach US$1.67 trillion by 2025, growing to meet the demands of a rapidly increasing Muslim population that will comprise 30% of the world’s population by mid-century.

Published 21 Aug 2023

Packaging Gateway

Food packaging trends shift towards sustainability

In the ever-evolving landscape of food packaging, significant strides have been made in the past ten years, with a notable focus on environmental considerations.

Published 18 Aug 2023

Vietnam Posts English

Lots of potential for Vietnamese businesses to exploit

The conference was co-chaired by the Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore and the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade, in collaboration with Warees Hala Pte Ltd to help Vietnamese businesses better understand the Singapore Halal market landscape and standard conditions. for Halal certification in Singapore.

Published 17 Aug 2023

Báo Công Thương

Thị trường Halal Singapore: Nhiều tiềm năng cho doanh nghiệp Việt Nam khai thác

Sáng 17/8, tại Singapore đã diễn ra Hội nghị tìm hiểu thị trường Halal Singapore và kết nối doanh nghiệp Việt Nam- Singapore.

Published 17 Aug 2023


TiNDLE Foods Announces Brand-New TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, the Company's First Innovation to be Developed, Produced and Exported from Singapore

The food tech company launches its latest product, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, completely designed, manufactured, and exported out of Singapore

Published 08 Aug 2023

Bangkok Post

Govt cooks up 'Halal corridor'

The government's Halal Economic Corridor (HEC) would help improve Thai livelihoods in the deep South, says a senior state official who is responsible for the project in the area.

Published 06 Aug 2023

The Food Institute

3 Future Food Trends: Well-Being, Bitter Flavors, and Air-based Protein

For 16 harrowing months at the height of the Covid pandemic, Dr. Morgaine Gaye lost her sense of taste and smell. The experience, she said, “was mind-blowing.” Turns out, you talk an awful lot about flavor and scent when you lose two invaluable senses.

Published 27 Jul 2023

Green Queen

Gelatin Substitute Made From Peas Emerges From University of Alberta

Researchers have developed a novel plant-based substitute for gelatin derived from pea protein.

Published 26 Jul 2023

The Straits Times

Meat and fish importer fined for falsely labelling smoked duck as halal

A meat and fish importer and his company were fined on Monday for falsely labelling smoked duck as halal to the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore’s (Muis) halal-certified food establishments.

Published 26 Jul 2023

Singapore Business Review

10 trends shaping the way Singaporeans consume food

As Singapore works to achieve food security by 2030 and with more Singaporeans looking into healthy diets, experts believe that meal tables in the country will be revolutionised by 2040.

Published 17 Jul 2023

Asia Food Journal

Deliveroo launches Snack To The Future report revealing key trends

Deliveroo has today launched its Snack To The Future Report, bringing together leading industry experts across the worlds of food, science, technology and innovation. The report identifies how consumers in Singapore and the region will be eating by 2040 and how meal tables are set to revolutionise.

Published 03 Jul 2023

CNA (Channel NewsAsia)

Beverage toppings such as bubble tea pearls, whipped cream required to have sugar level labels by end-2023

Buying your favourite bubble tea or ice-blended coffee will be a slightly different experience from the end of this year, with new requirements covering the sale of freshly prepared beverages.

Published 30 Jun 2023


DOF, DOH eye higher sin tax rates on junk food

The Department of Finance (DOF) on Thursday said it is collaborating with the Department of Health (DOH) to pursue a higher tax for junk food and sweetened beverages to tackle diseases related to poor diet such as diabetes and obesity.

Published 22 Jun 2023

The Korea Economic Daily

S.Korean SMEs unprepared for Indonesia’s mandatory halal certification

South Korea's Ministry of SMEs has begun moving to help SMEs planning to export to Indonesia obtain halal certification. The SME Ombudsman said on Tuesday that it has forwarded a recommendation to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to...

Published 20 Jun 2023

New Straits Times

Malaysia-Indonesia heighten trade, investment & halal ties

Malaysia and Indonesia today further heightened their collaboration on trade, investment and halal sector following the signing of agreements in conjunction with the visit by Indonesian President Joko Widodo and his delegation to Malaysia.

Published 08 Jun 2023

TTG Asia

New gastronomy award for halal culinary excellence launches in Singapore

To elevate halal culinary excellence in Singapore, the first-ever HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards 2024 was launched at last week’s Halal in Travel Global Summit 2023.

Published 08 Jun 2023

Asian Scientist

Spearheading Singapore’s Sustainable Development

In 2021, Singapore unveiled the Singapore Green Plan 2030 as the national agenda for sustainable development. The plan outlines various targets the government aims to achieve by 2030, including adding more green spaces, reducing landfill waste, transitioning to cleaner energy and strengthening the capability of the food industry to produce food locally.

Published 05 Jun 2023

Lifestyle Asia

What is 3D printed food and which are the companies working on it?

Ever heard about 3D-printed food and wondered if it is real? Well, it is, and almost on the verge of transforming conventional restaurant kitchens across the globe. According to a 2022 report by Statista, the global market value for 3D printing products and services in 2020 was around USD 12.6 billion.

Published 31 May 2023

Thai Public Broadcasting Service

Trends to watch from the region’s largest food trade fair

Halal, sustainable, clean label, plant-based and alternative protein food products were in the spotlight last week, as they are expected to dominate the food industry in the near future, THAIFEX-ANUGA ASIA 2023 revealed.

Published 31 May 2023

Halal-certified premium domestic beef set for 1st export

Halal-certified hanwoo (premium beef) will be exported to Malaysia. This is the first time for such meat to be shipped overseas. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs on May 14 said it signed a contract to export halal-certified hanwoo to Malaysia and...

Published 16 May 2023

Korea JoongAng Daily

Functional health foods targeting older adults are becoming hot commodity

Korean food companies are diving into the so-called care food market in the era of the aging population. Care foods are marketed as foods for older adults that are healthy and easy to digest.

Published 11 May 2023

Asia Food Journal

Tetra Pak Reveals Key Consumer Trends for the F&B Industry via ‘Trendipedia’ 2023 Report

Tetra Pak, a world-leading processing and packaging solutions company, released key findings and insights from its full report, Trendipedia 2023. The annual global report monitors changes in consumer behaviour, identifying and analysing interesting...

Published 10 May 2023

Nikkei Asia

Indonesia's food companies rush for halal seal of approval by 2024

Restaurants, retailers and other food businesses in Indonesia are scrambling to meet a government mandate requiring official certification for their halal products by 2024, as Jakarta seeks to promote economic activities compliant with Islamic law.

Published 10 May 2023


Warees Halal And IHATEC Paves Way For Singapore Businesses For Export To Indonesia

Introduced in 2014, the Indonesian Law No. 33 Year 2014 on Halal Product Assurance, stated that products circulating in Indonesia must be Halal certified. This will be enforced in phases from 17 October 2024, starting with food and beverage products.

Published 05 May 2023

BERITA Mediacorp

Warees Halal, PT Insan Halal Terpercaya meterai perjanjian bagi perhalusi proses eksport produk Halal SG ke Indonesia

Bagi memperhalusi proses mengeksport produk ke Indonesia, Syarikat Berkaitan Pemerintah (GLC) di bawah Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), Warees Halal Limited (WHL), memeterai perjanjian kerjasama dengan PT Insan Halal Terpecaya (IHATEC).

Published 03 May 2023

Dukung Ekosistem Halal, IHATEC Kerja Sama dengan Pusat Halal Singapura

Dalam mendukung terciptanya ekosistem halal, Halal Training and Education Center (IHATEC) terus berupaya menjalin kerja sama dengan berbagai lembaga halal di luar negeri. Kali ini, lembaga pelatihan halal Indonesia ini menggandeng Warees Halal Limited (WHL) Singapura sebagai rekanan dalam bidang pelatihan halal.

Published 19 Apr 2023

The Manufacturer

How to avoid a costly product recall: 10 top tips

Over the years product recalls have cost organisations billions in lost revenue, damaged brand reputation and reduced consumer confidence. Food and beverage and consumer packaged goods manufacturers demand high volumes at low margins.

Published 14 Apr 2023

Food Safety Magazine

Global Food Chain Traceability—Reflections on the Past, Present, and Insights into Future Directions

Traceability determines how materials, packaging, products, processing aids, and so forth have moved through the supply chain. Often broken down into two aspects, track and trace, traceability systems underpin food safety, food quality, sustainability claims,...

Published 10 Apr 2023


How packaging contributes to the safety of Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Cook foods

Today's consumers are experiencing evolving food habits and cooking styles due to cultural influences, urbanization, and social changes. The adoption of convenience foods like ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook is unprecedented as they require minimal time and effort.

Published 06 Apr 2023

The Straits Times

Nutri-Grade labelling system steers consumers to opt for drinks with less sugar: Study

Nutri-Grade, the mandatory labelling system for pre-packaged beverages, is likely to encourage consumers to opt for drinks with lower sugar content, a trial by researchers at Duke-NUS Medical School concluded.

Published 27 Mar 2023

Arab News

Brazilian businesses look to expand halal food exports to Arab countries, Islamic communities

Brazil, the world’s leading exporter of halal meat and poultry, is now seeking to expand the selection of food products it could potentially export to the world’s 57 Muslim-majority nations, as well as Islamic communities in other countries.

Published 17 Mar 2023

Singapore Business Review

Manufacturers innovate, reformulate drinks to meet Nutri-Grade labelling regulations

Several beverage manufacturers in Singapore have taken steps to redesign their labels and reformulate their beverages to benefit from health claims following the mandatory introduction of "Nutri-Grade" labelling regulations, according to a report by GlobalData.

Published 01 Mar 2023

Packaging Gateway

How new food trends will impact packaging in 2023

Last week (14 February) Packaging Gateway’s parent company, GlobalData, hosted a webinar for industry professionals titled ‘The top trends in food 2023 ’that brought up a number of key trends set to impact the future of the food industry.

Published 23 Feb 2023

International Tax Review

Plastic taxes: a guide to new legislation in Europe

European countries are paving the way for comprehensive plastic packaging taxes, re-shaping the trade and market conditions for exporting firms from developing countries, explains Grzegorz Peszko of the World Bank.

Published 15 Feb 2023

All About Feed

Russia adopts new halal standards

The Russian government has adopted the first nationwide halal standards in a bid to ramp up food exports to Muslim countries. New rules, scheduled to come into force in 2 stages on March 1, 2023, and July 1, 2023, will lay the ground for the Russian halal standardisation system.

Published 02 Feb 2023

Food Safety News

Singapore unveils guidance relating to food sold online

A set of voluntary guidelines has been launched in Singapore dealing with food sold on the internet. Singapore Standard 687: 2022 (Guidelines for food e-commerce) provides guidance to e-commerce players on their roles and responsibilities to ensure the safety of food products sold via online platforms.

Published 24 Jan 2023


Indonesia, Malaysia explore cooperation in halal product assurance

Indonesia's Halal Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH) and Malaysia's Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) are exploring cooperation in strengthening halal product assurance to bolster the halal product ecosystem.

Published 18 Jan 2023


VP Amin meets with Singapore President

"I expect Singapore can become an investment partner for the halal industry and encourage the completion of an agreement on halal product guarantees between the Halal Product Assurance Organizing Body and the Singapore Islamic Ulema Council (MUIS)," he said.

Published 16 Jan 2023

IoT World Today

Robotic Hand Design Hopes to Fill Gap in Robotic Gripper Market

A new soft robotic hand has been developed to help users pick and pack items with more flexibility and accuracy, with particular use cases in the food and logistics industries.

Published 13 Jan 2023

The Sun Daily

Malaysian companies tie up with Saudi firm to offer food products for haj, umrah sector

Saudi Arabia-based Mrasi Almamoura Group has entered into a strategic partnership with two Malaysian companies, Syed Food Industry Sdn Bhd and Fario Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Published 12 Jan 2023

JLL Research

Healthy demand for food factories in Singapore

Singapore’s growing food manufacturing and processing industry is spurring a vibrant food factory market. Data from the Singapore Food Agency show that the number of licensed food manufacturing and processing establishments (including central kitchens)

Published 10 Jan 2023

The Japan Times

Japan's hottest new food trend is frozen solid

Frozen food items available in Japan have become more diverse thanks to advances in refrigeration technology as well as growing demand for eat-at-home products amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Published 08 Jan 2023

The Business Times

Refreshed industry map to boost wholesale trade’s efforts to go global

SINGAPORE’S updated industry transformation map (ITM) for the wholesale trade sector will help grow globally competitive local traders, expand global traders’ presence in Singapore, as well as create more than 10,500 new PMET (professional, manager...

Published 05 Jan 2023


Regulatory repertoire 2023: Five need-to-know policies set to impact the APAC food and beverage sector this year

From regulations to reduce salt and sugar consumption, to emerging cultivated protein rules, FoodNavigator-Asia brings you five must-know policy updates that look set to have a significant impact on Asia Pacific food and beverage industry in 2023.

Published 04 Jan 2023

Bangkok Post

Off to the Halal market

The government should promote Halal-certified products to help Thai food entrepreneurs expand their businesses into a broader market, according to the Central Islamic Council of Thailand (CICOT).

Published 02 Jan 2023

The Straits Times

Refreshed road map aims to build resilient, sustainable firms in food manufacturing sector

Building resilient and sustainable companies will be key in the food manufacturing sector in the coming years, with the move unveiled as one of four key pillars of a refreshed road map for the industry.

Published 14 Dec 2022

The Edge Singapore

Singapore on path to becoming innovation factory for global food system

The global food system is at a critical juncture. The disruption of global supply chains, reduced access to critical food staples, and sky-high fuel prices due to Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war have created a worldwide food crisis.

Published 14 Dec 2022


Pioneering and Comprehensive Food Traceability Technology with DNA Verification Launched by OneAgrix and Ecosystem Partners

OneAgrix, Inexto, OriginTrail and their ecosystem partners announce a pioneering and comprehensive halal digitalization solution, tracing beef from the DNA to QR code.

Published 13 Dec 2022


Indonesia, New Zealand explore cooperation in halal product assurance

The Indonesian government explores cooperation in halal product assurance with New Zealand in a bid to become a leader in the global halal industry by 2024.

Published 07 Dec 2022


Agriculture and Halal literacy to the surface: Helping agriculture grow to new heights

The 2022 International Association for Agriculture Sustainability (IAAS) Annual Meeting was held as a webinar on the 2nd of December.

Published 06 Dec 2022

South China Morning Post

Halal in Hong Kong: Muslims cheer KFC’s move, hope more fast-food chains, restaurants will cater to community

It was lunchtime on Friday and the KFC restaurant just minutes from the Kowloon Mosque in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui was packed with customers relishing their fried chicken meals.

Published 13 Nov 2022


Say 'annyeong' to Singapore's first halal Korean buffet catering joint

Halal Korean food is no longer a rare sight in our city state, but all you-can-eat halal Korean food? Just thinking about it makes our mouths water.

Published 03 Oct 2022


Indonesia-Singapura Matangkan Rencana Kerja Sama Jaminan Produk Halal

Kedua negara sepakat segera menuangkan rencana kerja sama tersebut dalam Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)/Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC).

Published 10 Sep 2022

Berita Harian

Portal rangkaian halal Warees dilancar

SEBUAH laman baru yang akan membolehkan masyarakat halal sejagat mewujudkan peluang pertumbuhan dan perniagaan bersama telah dilancarkan Warees Halal semalam.

Published 06 Sep 2022

BERITA Mediacorp

Warees, Politeknik Temasek meterai MOU; bina keupayaan industri untuk ekosistem halal yang mampan

Warees Halal Limited dan Politeknik Temasek hari ini (5 Sep) memeterai memorandum persefahaman (MOU) untuk secara bersama membangunkan sebuah ekosistem Halal yang mampan.

Published 05 Sep 2022

Fungi-based food product that tastes and shreds like meat

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a technique to cultivate a fungi-based food product that could serve as a healthier, better tasting, and greener alternative to plant-based protein.

Published 29 Aug 2022

American Journal of Transportation

Germany’s burgeoning “halal” niche market forges new link in supply chain

The growing Muslim population in Germany –the country has the largest Muslim population in Europe – has created a niche market for halal food products and, with it, the need to have a well-functioning halal logistics network.

Published 28 Aug 2022

Manila Bulletin

DOT considers duplicating Malaysia’s halal-friendly food tourism

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is eyeing to duplicate the tourism strategy of Malaysia through the Halal programs, which have bolstered Malaysia’s economy, especially in the food tourism industry.

Published 28 Aug 2022

China Briefing

Halal Certification Procedures in China

While China is not considered a major halal food manufacturing hub, halal food and drinks production has witnessed great growth in China.

Published 26 Aug 2022


KSP underscores significance of realizing halal ecosystem

Presidential Staff Office's (KSP's) Deputy III Panutan Sulendrakusuma accentuated the importance of creating a halal ecosystem to realize President Joko Widodo's goal of Indonesia becoming a center for the halal industry by 2024.

Published 26 Aug 2022

The Straits Times

Singapore and Brunei to boost cooperation in energy, green economy, food and medical supply resilience

Singapore and Brunei will deepen cooperation in the areas of energy, the green economy, and food and medical supply resilience, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) said on Wednesday (Aug 24).

Published 24 Aug 2022

New Straits Times

Australian food giant Arnott's picks KL as Asia hub to become regional powerhouse

Leading multinational food manufacturer The Arnott's Group (TAG) is looking to ramp up its expansion plans to become a regional powerhouse from its newly-launched Asia hub here.

Published 24 Aug 2022


How to Obtain Halal Certification in Indonesia

Indonesia’s Government Regulation 39 of 2021 (GR 39/2021) sets out the requirements for businesses to obtain Halal certification for their goods and services. Under the law, products that enter, circulate, and are traded in Indonesia must be Halal certified.

Published 23 Aug 2022


Singapore, Mindanao boost food, halal goods trade after PHL delegation visit

SINGAPORE and the Philippines’ southern islands Mindanao are boosting food trade, including halal products, following a recent visit by a delegation from the latter, a business leader said.

Published 18 Aug 2022

Malay Mail

Malaysia working with nine other countries on global halal sector, Dewan Negara told

Malaysia is actively cooperating with nine countries on the development of the global halal sector, said the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Miti).

Published 16 Aug 2022


Soy by-product: Okara could be upcycled into plant-based cheese by Singapore partnership

A Singapore food partnership is aiming to upcycle the soy by-product okara into plant-based cheese products using proprietary technology.

Published 15 Aug 2022

New Straits Times

Faszz Technology acquires 51pc stake Incite Foodtech to build Malaysia's first unified halal ecosystem

Logistic and ride-hailing operator Faszz Technology (M) Sdn Bhd (FTSB) is acquiring a 51 per cent stake in Incite Foodtech Sdn Bhd (IFSB) as part of its plan to build Malaysia's first unified halal ecosystem.

Published 15 Aug 2022

The Business Times

Apps turning restaurant leftovers into cheap meals take off in Asia

WITH a tantalising array of satay chicken, wok-fried mud crab and chilled tiger prawns, the dinner buffet at Singapore’s Grand Hyatt hotel typically sets diners back about US$70.

Published 14 Aug 2022


ASEAN halal standard guidelines discussed

The Syariah Affairs Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs yesterday participated in the inaugural guideline workshop for ASEAN Halal Food to evaluate the draft guidelines for halal standards in ASEAN, chaired by the Philippines.

Published 14 Aug 2022

CNA (Channel NewsAsia)

Nutrition labels required by end 2023 for freshly prepared drinks that are higher in sugar, fat content

Food and beverage outlets will by end of 2023 be required to include nutrition labels on their menus indicating drinks that contain higher levels of sugar and saturated fat.

Published 11 Aug 2022

Malaysia best partner for Taiwan to tap global halal market: Matrade

Malaysia is the best partner for Taiwan to grow its potential in the halal industry as the market is one of the main hubs in the Asean region, said Malaysia External Trade Development Corp (Matrade) export acceleration deputy CEO Sharimahton Mat Saleh.

Published 03 Aug 2022

Salaam Gateway

India has huge potential as halal meat export source

While 80% of India’s 1.4 billion people may be Hindu, the prominent position of Muslims in the country's slaughtering and butchery sector means it has vast potential as a halal meat and meat products supplier to the Islamic world, say experts.

Published 02 Aug 2022

The Malaysian Reserve

Huawei Malaysia inks tripartite MoU to enhance halal industry digitalisation

HUAWEI Malaysia has inked a tripartite memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Halal Development Corp Bhd (HDC) and Duriemas Sdn Bhd.

Published 01 Aug 2022

Kyodo News

Japan firm seeks halal approval for non-alcohol udon soup stock

From mirin to soy sauce, alcohol is an integral part of Japanese stocks, sauces and other products used to prepare dishes such as soba noodles or nikujaga meat and potato stew.

Published 24 Jul 2022

Vietnam Plus

Vietnam eyes stronger development of Halal industry

A conference on promoting international cooperation for developing Vietnam's Halal industry was held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

Published 28 Jun 2022

The Business Times

Dream big, start small: Investing in the future of food

HERE in Singapore, we love our food. It is therefore fitting that Singapore is home to a vibrant local food manufacturing industry, with over 1,000 companies producing beverages, confectionery, dairy, snacks and more.

Published 28 Jun 2022


International Center for Standardization and Certification “HALAL” to be established in Armenia

The International Center for Standardization and Certification “HALAL” is expected to be established in Armenia for boosting the export process of local production.

Published 27 Jun 2022


7 in 10 Thais think snacking on salty snacks is an act of emotional self-care

The pandemic has elevated Thai consumers’ need for self-care and emotional wellness through snacking. The latest research from Mintel shows that 77% of Thais* are turning to salty snacks** as a way to treat themselves.

Published 23 Jun 2022


Overcoming barriers to entry: Brands can tap new Singapore halal alliance to gain trade opportunities, certification

Food, nutraceuticals and cosmetics brands worldwide can now tap the expertise of a newly-minted halal alliance to enter the lucrative global halal market forecasted to reach USD$2.8 trillion by 2025.

Published 21 Jun 2022

The Korea Herald

SPC to build halal food factory in Malaysia

South Korean food company SPC group said on Monday that it has invested 40 billion won ($31 million) to enter Malaysia’s halal market with its bakery brand Paris Baguette.

Published 20 Jun 2022

Travel Weekly Asia

Where are the world's most Muslim-friendly destinations?

The 7th edition of the Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2022 projects that, after a two-year disruption, Muslim traveller arrivals will reach 140 million in 2023 and rebound to 160 million by 2024, equalling 2019 figures.

Published 16 Jun 2022

The Straits Times

Genting Dream to sail again on June 15, fitted with first internationally halal-certified kitchen on cruise ship

After a change in management, Genting Dream will set sail on its maiden voyage on Wednesday night (June 15) with new features, including the world's first internationally halal-certified kitchen on a cruise liner.

Published 15 Jun 2022

The Star

Imported halal food still subject to halal certification

Despite the abolition of the approved permit (AP) or import quota for some food items as recently announced by the government, any entry of halal food is still subject to halal certification by a foreign body recognised by Jakim.

Published 13 Jun 2022

TTG Asia

Halal tourism development to be shaped by under-40s

An expanding population of young and technology-savvy Muslim travellers will impact Halal tourism development in the coming years, noted the eighth edition of the Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel (GMTI) 2022 report, released on June 1.

Published 02 Jun 2022

TTG Asia

Focus on F&B, shore excursions to win over Muslim cruisers: industry experts

Cruise lines looking to grow their Muslim customer segment should look into satisfying faith based needs and curating shore excursions that have a special cultural or historical appeal.

Published 01 Jun 2022

The Straits Times

Muis instructs halal certificate holders here to stop importing meat from Australian abattoir

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) has asked halal certificate holders here to stop importing meat from an Australian abattoir, after it found problems with its products.

Published 31 May 2022

Arab News

Thailand showcases halal food offerings at LuLu festival

LuLu Hypermarkets across Saudi Arabia are hosting this week the “Thailand Halal Food Festival 2022,” featuring in-store promotions and online offers for more than 500 products from Thailand.

Published 20 May 2022

The Straits Times

From expansion to green set-ups, food services industry road map helps S'pore firms chart growth

From automation to going green to job redesign and expanding overseas, several Singapore-based companies have kick-started plans to transform their businesses.

Published 19 May 2022

The Business Times

Food Services Industry Transformation Map launched at Restaurant Asia 2022

AS Singapore emerges from the pandemic, it is critical for the food services sector to reposition itself to seize new opportunities and adopt solutions to future-proof operations, said Minister for Trade and Industry.

Published 19 May 2022


Mintel Announces 2022 Global Food and Drink Trends

In Southeast Asia, more than 50% percent of consumers* in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore worry that life will not be the same as it was before the pandemic, according to Mintel Global Consumer research on the holistic consumer.

Published 18 May 2022

Biz Brunei

Bruneihalalfoods enters AllDay and Carrefour in UAE

Ghanim International Corporation’s bruneihalalfoods has entered AllDay and Carrefour outlets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) following a successful stint at the Expo 2020 Dubai under Brunei’s pavilion.

Published 11 May 2022

TravelDailyNews Asia

FHA-Food & Beverage 2022 – Singapore’s biggest B2B trade show – returns physically for the first time since the pandemic

Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) - Food & Beverage 2022, Singapore's biggest B2B trade show, is back physically for the first time since the onset of the pandemic.

Published 08 May 2022

Star Tribune

Locally raised halal meat presents new opportunities for Minnesota producers

Minnesotans spend more than $20 million on halal goat meat every year, but nearly all of that is spent on frozen meat imported from Australia and New Zealand.

Published 30 Apr 2022


JBS Eyes Growing Halal Food Market With Middle East Expansion

JBS SA, the world’s largest meat supplier, is expanding in the Middle East and North Africa, buying two plants and appointing a new head for the region.

Published 30 Apr 2022

Khmer Times

If halal certified, Cambodia can target 2 bil Muslim consumers

Cambodia will be able to reach out to more than 2 billion Muslim consumers worldwide if its products are halal certified, said the Indonesian Ambassador to Cambodia, Sudirman Haseng.

Published 27 Apr 2022

The Business Times

New small-batch food production facility lets trial products go straight to market

SINGAPORE'S food manufacturers can trial new products with the first Singapore Food Agency-licensed (SFA) shared facility for small-batch food production.

Published 22 Apr 2022

Bake Magazine

Demand grows for natural colors

Demand for natural colors is growing, with 62% of consumers saying they avoid artificial coloring in foods and beverages, according to ADM Outside Voice℠. Plus, colors derived from fruits, vegetables and other natural sources appeal to shoppers scanning labels for vegan, organic, kosher, halal, non-GMO and other clean and clear attributes.

Published 20 Apr 2022

The Straits Times

S'pore researchers working on creating sustainable, nutritious food from microalgae

Scientists in Singapore from research institute Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) are working on a project to produce microalgae-based proteins as an alternative, sustainable food source.

Published 11 Apr 2022

The Straits Times

Singapore moves a step closer to local food resilience with groundbreaking of Sats food hub

Airport services firm Sats will be building a $150 million food hub in the Jurong Innovation District, as part of Singapore's ambition to enhance food resilience and self-reliance.

Published 07 Apr 2022

Bangkok Post

Govt to tap into global halal market

The government has approved the establishment of the Thailand Halal Taskforce aimed at tapping into the global halal food market worth US$30 trillion (960 trillion baht).

Published 31 Mar 2022

Campaign Asia-Pacific

Hijrah movement: Brands court newly conservative consumers

The pandemic has given more momentum to a movement that sees young people rediscovering their faith, and brands are rushing to capitalise. But they need to be seen as authentic rather than opportunistic to really connect.

Published 28 Mar 2022

The Phnom Penh Post

Gov’t aims to beef up halal scene to cash in on market

The government is placing a higher priority on the halal market to capitalise on buoyant internal and external demand, not only from the Muslim community, but also from non-Muslims worldwide.

Published 24 Mar 2022

Nikkei Asia

Thailand's CP Foods to restart chicken exports to Saudi Arabia

Thailand's CP Foods will restart exports of processed chicken to Saudi Arabia this month following the restoration of full diplomatic relations between Bangkok and Riyadh.

Published 18 Mar 2022

ABC News

Australian exporters set to profit from new halal trade market access in Malaysia

The global market for halal certified products is set to nearly double by 2030 and Australian exporters are in prime position to profit after recent trade negotiations, officials say.

Published 17 Mar 2022

Marketing Interactive

Lazada adds Halal category ahead of Ramadan, creates 9 personalised profiles for shoppers

Lazada Singapore is creating a new Halal category ahead of the Ramadan festival. Muslim businesses can tap on the platform’s newly introduced Halal Channel category on RedMart.

Published 14 Mar 2022

The Jakarta Globe

New Halal Certification Mark to Replace MUI Label

The government has released a new halal certification label with a minister underlining on Saturday that the current logo from the Indonesian Ulema Council, or MUI, will eventually be declared void by the state-appointed regulatory body.

Published 13 Mar 2022

NZ Herald

Lack of Halal butchers a threat to Southland's meat processing sector

Hundreds of Southland workers risk losing their jobs and a meat processing chain could close as a result of a halal slaughtermen shortage, a new report warns.

Published 28 Feb 2022

Salaam Gateway

Chile expects 20% growth in halal certifications in 2022

Chile's halal authority expects a 20% growth in halal certifications, while aiming to expand the range of certified products to capitalise on a growing export market.

Published 08 Feb 2022

The Straits Times

More information on recognised foreign halal certification bodies now available on Muis website

The public can now access more information about listed foreign halal certification bodies (FHCBs) that are recognised by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis).

Published 08 Feb 2022

Thai PBS World

Halal food trends are booming

Thailand has long been known as the kitchen of the world thanks to its abundant natural resources and tasty cuisine and now it is achieving global fame in another culinary category – the halal food industry.

Published 11 Jan 2022


How a halal food firm found expansion opportunities in a pandemic

Mr Hasan Abdul Rahman, managing director of halal food firm Pondok Abang, describes how Covid-19 disrupted the firm's regional expansion plans but provided an opportunity to focus on expansion closer to home.

Published 09 Jan 2022

Salaam Gateway

Italy’s halal food market sees post-pandemic growth and potential

The country’s halal market is worth $5 billion and around 500 businesses have obtained halal certification, according to industry sources.

Published 05 Jan 2022

BERITA Mediacorp

Sallim Abdul Kadir terima pengiktirafan tertinggi di Anugerah MUIS 2021

Pengerusi Lembaga Pengarah Warees Halal, Encik Sallim Abdul Kadir menerima pengiktirafan tertinggi dalam Anugerah Majlis Ugama Islam (MUIS) tahun ini.

Published 16 Oct 2021


Asia Food Challenge Report 2021 highlights additional US$750 billion needed by 2030

PwC, Rabobank and Temasek launched the second edition of The Asia Food Challenge report which looks at six key trends highlighting evolving tastes and demands of Asian consumers.

Published 15 Oct 2021

Speciality Food

8 ways Covid changed our relationship with food

The pandemic has forever altered the way consumers eat and buy food and drink. Speciality Food examines eight of the biggest changes for retailers to know.

Published 14 Oct 2021


What food trends will stick post-COVID?

COVID-19 changed how consumers eat and shop. But as much of the world unlocks and we emerge into the ‘new normal’ of a post-COVID era, what trends will stick?

Published 24 Jun 2021

NBT World

Growing food industry demand for Halal Experts

Growing demand for trained personnel in the Thai Halal industry has led to collaborations with tertiary institutes to develop comprehensive training courses on religion, food science, factory management, and marketing to the Muslim market.

Published 11 Jun 2021

The Straits Times

Kimly to buy 75% stake in halal food business Tenderfresh for $54mm

Coffee-shop operator Kimly has proposed to acquire a 75 per cent stake in home-grown food business Tenderfresh for $54 million, giving it an opportunity to expand into the Halal food industry in Singapore and the region.

Published 12 May 2021


Vietnamese firms have chance to reach out to Halal market

Muslim consumers worldwide spend 1.4 trillion USD on Halal food, and the figure is expected to be ten times higher by 2050. With Vietnam’s Halal exports reaching only 10.5 billion USD, there are ample opportunities for Vietnamese food manufacturers to tap into the growing Halal market.

Published 22 Apr 2021


Opinion: Halal considerations on cloud kitchens for HORECA industries

The extended Corona lockdowns meant an exponential growth in online ordering of food and beverages but at the same time also an unfortunate destruction of the HORECA: hotel, restaurant, and coffee café industry.

Published 08 Feb 2021

IFT Brain Food Blog

COVID-19 Triggers 2021 Food Trends, Opportunities

Marketplace breakthroughs are often the result of long-term scientific research programs that intersect with changing consumer needs, and if ever there was a year with changing consumer needs, 2020 was it.

Published 12 Jan 2021

OCBC Business Banking

What Can We Expect of F&B's New Normal?

The global pandemic was one burden too many for some of Singapore's most iconic restaurants.
We have seen Breko in Holland Village and Modesto's on Orchard Road close their doors after 20 years in business, while more than 500 other outlets have suspended operations at least temporarily.

Published 18 Aug 2020

FHA-Food & Beverage Reports

Halal Market Boosting F&B Businesses Globally

With the growing market for halal consumers, food and drink manufacturers as well as establishments are focusing on how to offer more halal food products, and transform their kitchens and production lines into halal-certified work areas.

Published 02 Apr 2020

Insurance Business

Massive opportunities and risks in booming halal food industry

Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion according to Pew Research, with the proportion of Muslims set to exceed 31% of the global population in 2060. As a result, there is an accompanying growth in demand for halal food, which is food that complies with Islamic dietary laws.

Published 02 Apr 2020

Focus Malaysia

Warees: Unified halal certification crucial to industry’s growth

While the halal food industry is booming, it still faces a key stumbling block, namely the absence of a standardised regulatory framework in halal certification, says Warees Halal Limited.

Published 19 Jan 2020

Euromonitor International

The Symbiosis of Halal Food with the Travel Industry

For travelling consumers, “discovery” is increasingly a key component of customers’ experiences. Firms can expect travellers who follow the halal diet to become more exploratory with their food and drink choices as well, as long as their religious requirements are fulfilled.

Published 10 Jan 2020

Tasty Asia

Japan tourism group taps body to help promote halal F&B

Satu kerjasama dimeterai antara Warees Limited, badan bertanggungjawab melakukan pemeriksaan sijil halal di Singapura dengan syarikat pelancongan terbesar Jepun, JTB bagi menyediakan lebih banyak lagi tempat serta makanan yang 'mesra halal' di negara itu.

Published 09 Dec 2019

BERITA Mediacorp

Warees Limited, JTB meterai kerjasama tawar lebih banyak makanan "mesra halal" di Jepun

Satu kerjasama dimeterai antara Warees Limited, badan bertanggungjawab melakukan pemeriksaan sijil halal di Singapura dengan syarikat pelancongan terbesar Jepun, JTB bagi menyediakan lebih banyak lagi tempat serta makanan yang 'mesra halal' di negara itu.

Published 30 Nov 2019

Salaam Gateway

Unilever opens halal research centre in Indonesia as global reference for Muslim markets

Unilever’s new Halal research hub in Indonesia, supported by its six research centres worldwide and the local government, is set to strengthen Indonesia's Halal value chain with the development of new Halal products and alternative ingredients.

Published 30 Jul 2019