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Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is the global commercial insurance arm of the Swiss Re Group and a specialised risk partner that helps large and mid-sized business manage and mitigate the exposures, liabilities and threats they face.
Enhancing the resilience of your business
Globalization, urbanization and changing consumer preferences have increased the demand for food. These factors, along with population growth and climate change are predicted to impact food safety. With the increasingly complex global food production business characterized by cutting edge science, longer and complex global supply chain network, and increased regulatory requirements, this creates increased risk exposures for businesses in the Food and Beverage industry.
Is your business able to withstand financial loss associated with the following scenarios?
    • Breach of Halal Certification
    • A customer slips and falls on your premises due to water spillage on the floor - the customer sues you for the injury sustained.
    • Consumers falling ill after consuming contaminated food products manufactured by your company - your business is liable for these consumers' medical and hospitalisation bills.
    • Brand reputation damage which results in loss of revenue.

    • ✔ Contaminated Products Insurance (CPI) / Product Recall Insurance Policy: This product protects your business against both the direct costs of a food recall, and indirect costs like business interruption. It alsohelps businesses normalize, and minimizes your reputational damage with the help of a dedicated crisis consultant.
    • ✔ Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy: This product protects your business against the financial loss that your business is legally liable to pay to third parties in the case of bodily injury or property damage caused by your business or products.
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    Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Food & Beverage Recall Factsheet
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    We’re the commercial insurance arm of the Swiss Re Group. This means we can draw from more than 150 years of experience, significant capacity and financial strength. We also have an appetite for risk. With over 50 traditional and innovative insurance products and a global network of more than 50 offices in over 20 countries, we will work with you to find a solution that fits your needs and exposure.
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